Welcome to the wackiness known as the

Silver Scene Improv Players!

This group is focused on developing individuals in improvisational comedy. No improv or stage experience is needed. This group is open to people who may never want to perform in front of a crowd. So what do we do? Have fun! Every practice is full of laughs. Everyone tries. The joy comes from trying new things. Every practice has people exploring different characters, different scenes, and different personalities. You can be a doctor one minute and a space pirate the next. For a short period of time, you can set your grown-up responsibilities aside and enjoy the youthful fun of make-believe.


What will you gain? For those who are actors, you gain new ways of portraying and interacting with other characters.  For people who are not actors, you gain confidence in public speaking, ability to come up with new ideas more quickly, and the ability to think faster on your feet.  There is a reason why many successful companies bring improv instructors into management seminars.


Try it. It is free, and I guarantee you will walk away with new friends and much laughter.  No practice will have audio-visual recordings. There will be no viral videos, and the classes are kept confidential so all attending can be free to try and make mistakes.

If you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact me.

Pete Edwards

If you are feeling adventurous there will be opportunities to do the improv publicly as well.