Audition July 26 and 30 for our fall production,
Amanda Rockhold’s, “Dancing in Riddles!”

We are currently planning for our fall production, “Dancing in Riddles,” written by local playwright Amanda Rockhold, which will stage October 26-28, 2018 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Auditions will be held on July 26 and 30 from 6pm-9pm.  Dancers will audition from 6pm-7pm and actors will audition from 7pm-9pm.

Dancers:  You’ll be required to prepare your own 30-second dance number for auditions. You will also be taught a couple choreographed numbers on the night of auditions.

Actors:  You will be doing cold reads for your auditions.

Please come with a filled out Audition Form

Auditions will be held at
Union County’s Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium
233 W 6th Street
Maryville, OH 43040


Set in 1992, this two-act dramatic comedy hubs around the troubles of a young girl named Mara, her family, and a desire for something more than an idle life. This is a story of a broken family told through dancing, the internal conflict of struggling with the future and sorting through a painful past.

Mara is challenged when her older brother, who ran away when he was a kid after their father died, shows up at the family reunion dinner, which their sister, Lauren, arranged. While facing their mother, who is cold and distant, at this dinner the two sisters struggle to find a resolution to broken pasts and undetermined futures. In the midst of all of this, Mara finds herself as a subject for a sociology graduate student’s family psychology thesis, and at the whim of her intolerable cousin, who is convinced that he is a cowboy.

Character Descriptions

Mara (Lead): A lost and lonely girl, sarcastic in nature, yet poetic – 18
Lauren (Large): Mara’s older sister – 30
Doug (Medium): Cousin, weird, cowboy of sorts – 20
Drew (Medium): Lauren’s husband, upbeat – 30
Paul (Medium): A runaway brother – 24
Floyd Richards (Medium): A sociology graduate student – 24
Hilary (Medium): Mara and Lauren’s mother, condescending – mid to upper 50’s
Tobey (Small): Hilary’s husband – 40’s to 50’s
Male and female dancers (1M, 1F): Young adults, non-speaking, sinuous.

Proceeds from the fall production will benefit Neighbor to Neighbor, a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization. Members join for a small monthly fee and are matched with volunteers to help with household tasks and transportation. The Neighbor to Neighbor non-profit grew out of The United Way of Union County’s Annual Community Care Day. For more information about Neighbor to Neighbor visit

18 thoughts on “Auditions”

    1. Aly, it is open auditions. You just need to show up between 6:30pm am 9pm ready with a song and your audition form.

  1. My son is a Freshman at Fairbanks High School and is interested in trying out. He was a part of the Musical last year as an extra, however he did not have to try out. Can you tell me what type of song he would be preparing for the audition?

    1. Hello Jennifer! Really any type of song that would showcase his voice (not beyond his range). A good tip is to find something that is close to the style of the show that is being done. I hope that makes sense. You can find all sorts of Karaoke backing tracks that he could sing along with as well online. If you have more questions please let us know!

  2. We want to let you all know that we are going to proceed with auditions tonight as planned. If by chance, we end up having a level 2 snow emergency (or worse) we will re-schedule our auditions for Thursday night.

    We also understand that some of you may not feel safe about driving tonight and we want to offer to you the opportunity to audition, by special arrangement, on Thursday night at 6:30. Please contact us to make these arrangements.

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