We just completed our casting for George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart’s “You Can’t Take it With You”

The show will be benefitting Community and Seasoned Citizens and is set to stage at Union County Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium April 26-28.  More details to come!



We had a lot of amazing talent come out and audition for us and we want to thank everyone who came out.

That being said… Here is our cast list!

Martin Vanderhof – Kevin Porter
Penelope Sycamore – Paula Arter
Paul Sycamore – David Dodds
Alice Sycamore – Hailie Crowder
Ed Carmichael – Levi Campbell
Tony Kirby – Brad Anderson
Mr. Anthony Kirby – Jim Arter
Mrs. Miriam Kirby – Kathy Schrader
Boris Kolenkov – Erik Gray
Donald – Josh Sands (Fenem Respice)
Rheba – Liz Hammond
Mr. De Pinna – Dana Williams
Essie Carmichael – Nicole Hansen
Wilbur Henderson – Tim Allen
Gay Wellington – Linda Fischer
Duchess Olga Katrina – Tori Moledor
The Man – Pete Edwards
G-Man Mac – John Oberlin
G-Man Jim – Herb Fischer

Directed by Michele Herbon
Assistant Directed by Molly Barker

20 thoughts on “Auditions”

    1. Aly, it is open auditions. You just need to show up between 6:30pm am 9pm ready with a song and your audition form.

  1. My son is a Freshman at Fairbanks High School and is interested in trying out. He was a part of the Musical last year as an extra, however he did not have to try out. Can you tell me what type of song he would be preparing for the audition?

    1. Hello Jennifer! Really any type of song that would showcase his voice (not beyond his range). A good tip is to find something that is close to the style of the show that is being done. I hope that makes sense. You can find all sorts of Karaoke backing tracks that he could sing along with as well online. If you have more questions please let us know!

  2. We want to let you all know that we are going to proceed with auditions tonight as planned. If by chance, we end up having a level 2 snow emergency (or worse) we will re-schedule our auditions for Thursday night.

    We also understand that some of you may not feel safe about driving tonight and we want to offer to you the opportunity to audition, by special arrangement, on Thursday night at 6:30. Please contact us to make these arrangements.

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