Silver Scene is happy to announce auditions for our September 23rd -25th  production of Joseph Kesserling’s “Arsenic and Old Lace” directed by Jim Arter. 


  • Auditions will be Tuesday, June 21st, and Wednesday, June 22nd (7:00 pm to 9:00 pm) at Marysville Christian Church – 17000 Waldo Rd. Marysville
  • Come prepared with a one-minute monologue of your choice and resumé (both encouraged but not mandatory).
  • You’ll need to fill out the Audition Form
  • All actors trying out will read from sides.  Depending on how many actors are trying out, there is a good chance we will only read from the parts of lead and supporting characters.  You might, then, get cast as a featured character without reading for that part. 
  • We understand that tryouts are during the summer and, so, vacation time.  If you cannot make it to the two days of rehearsals, but really want to try out, we will try and work around your schedule and meet with you at another time.  Contact us for any arrangements needed.


  • Rehearsals will begin in the final week of July
  • They will be on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights at Marysville Christian Church (17000 Waldo Rd – Marysville).
  • Rehearsals will be scheduled so only certain actors per evening will be called.  You will not be called to rehearsal if you are not on stage that evening.  It is very important, therefore, to be at all rehearsals where you are called.  If you cannot make it, it is important to let our director/assistant director know as soon as possible.


At first glance “Arsenic and Old Lace” appears to be filled with stock characters; kindly older ladies, a robust male protagonist, an innocent ingenue, the evil villain, and his henchman.  All those are too simplistic.  These characters are much more fun.  For the Featured roles, most actors will be on stage for just a few minutes.  However, they portray strong characters who will have a good amount of dialogue and will need to be skilled actors to move the plot.

  • Abby Brewster (Female, Lead): must be able to play about age 60-65.  Both Brewster sisters are seen as kind, caring, beloved denizens of their 1940’s Brooklyn neighborhood who happen to share a deadly secret.  They must appear spry and sharp while having good comic timing.  
  • Martha Brewster (Female, Lead): must be able to play about age 60-65.  The Brewster sisters are aunts to the three brothers Jonathan, Teddy, and Mortimer.
  • Mortimer Brewster (Male, Lead): age 25-40.  This is a deceptively complex role.  Mortimer is seen differently by the other characters.  He is placed between Elaine who he is trying to pursue, Jonathan and Einstein from whom he is trying to escape, and Abby, Martha, and Teddy who he is trying to save.  The actor must have comedic chops.  This is a physical role whose character shows aspirations of virility while being more of a nervous Nellie. 
  • Elaine Harper (Female, Supporting): age 25-35.  Elaine is a sophisticated young lady of the 1940s who knows what she wants.  While stereotypically an ingenue, this is also a deceptively complex role.  Actress must show passion and naiveté, anger and tenderness, and comedic physical skills. 
  • Jonathan Brewster (Male, Supporting): Oldest Brewster brother and villainous antagonist.  The actor must be able to always appear to be scheming as each situation changes while also being terrifyingly intimidating without ever raising his voice.  Make-up will be applied to appear more sinister.
  • Teddy Brewster (Male, Supporting): Middle brother who believes he is Teddy Roosevelt.  While he portrays another side of insanity, Teddy is good-natured, energetic, and lost in his own world. 
  • Dr. Einstein (Male, Supporting): Einstein is the minion of Jonathan, an alcoholic doctor with a German accent.  While often whiny, tired, and neurotic, he does possess a very particular set of skills.  The actor must have physical comic deftness. 
  • Officer O’Hara (Male, Supporting):  Actor must convey a clueless police officer who just can’t shut up.  Must have good comedic skills.
  • Dr. Reverend Harper (Male, Featured):age 45-70.  The Father of Elaine is not happy that his daughter is dating a Brewster.  The actor must portray a stern, paternal demeanor while having underlying comedic skills.
  • Officer Brophy (Male, Featured): Brophy and Klein are young police officers who move quickly about the Brewster house always wanting to help.  They are kind, upbeat, and somewhat clueless.  They believe in the sincerity and decency of the Brewster sisters despite the evidence that is in front of them.  There is one physical scene.
  • Officer Klein (Male, Featured): Klein and Brophy are the only featured players who will be seen at both the beginning and the end of the play.
  • Mr. Gibbs (Male, Featured. age 40-70): Grumpy potential border at the Brewster house.  The actor must have good comedic timing.
  • Lieutenant Rooney (Male. Featured): age 50-70.  Rooney, once he appears on the scene near the play’s end, must take over the stage as the officer in control of the situation and must wholeheartedly believe in his detective skills despite how hopelessly mistaken he might be.  It doesn’t hurt to have an Irish accent.
  • Mr. Witherspoon (Male. Featured): Superintendent of Happy Dale Sanitarium who believes he is there to solve all the problems by the play’s end.  Good luck with that.  And, oh, the actor must have good comedic timing.

21 thoughts on “Auditions”

    1. Aly, it is open auditions. You just need to show up between 6:30pm am 9pm ready with a song and your audition form.

  1. My son is a Freshman at Fairbanks High School and is interested in trying out. He was a part of the Musical last year as an extra, however he did not have to try out. Can you tell me what type of song he would be preparing for the audition?

    1. Hello Jennifer! Really any type of song that would showcase his voice (not beyond his range). A good tip is to find something that is close to the style of the show that is being done. I hope that makes sense. You can find all sorts of Karaoke backing tracks that he could sing along with as well online. If you have more questions please let us know!

  2. We want to let you all know that we are going to proceed with auditions tonight as planned. If by chance, we end up having a level 2 snow emergency (or worse) we will re-schedule our auditions for Thursday night.

    We also understand that some of you may not feel safe about driving tonight and we want to offer to you the opportunity to audition, by special arrangement, on Thursday night at 6:30. Please contact us to make these arrangements.

  3. Hello David,
    I’m considering auditioning for a Curtains singing role but am uncertain as I look at age ranges of male parts. Thoughts please.

    Many thanks,


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