We were overwhelmed by the number of amazingly talented people that came out to audition. We want to thank everyone who did come out to audition and we ask that you come out and audition for future productions.

We are excited to give you the cast of our upcoming production of “Curtains!”

Frank Cioffi Jonathan Heflin
Nikki Harris Jillian Walls
Georgia Hendricks Emily Terry
Carmen Bernstein Laural Olson
Aaron Fox Nicholas Garner
Sidney Bernstein Gary Iannarino
Christopher Belling Josh Sands
Bambi Bernet Taylor Jones
Oscar Shapiro Jim Arter
Bobby Pepper Tim Allen
Daryl Grady Gary “Jay” Coffman
Johnny Harmon Erik Gray
Jessica Crenshaw Barbara Luke
Detective O’Farrell Herb Fischer
Sasha Iljinsky Brian Luke

Ensemble Players
Paula Arter, Molly Barker, Michelle Buchholz,
Melissa Edwards, Kerri Hall, Nicole Hansen,
Kim Iannarino, Larry Lloyd, Erin McEldowney,
Gary McMann, Gladys Obakpolor, Starr Pierce,
Rick Smith, Linda Sommerfield, Andrea Spitnale,
Catherine Webb, and Dana Williams

We are excited to be partnering with The Avalon Theatre for this production to help with the restoration of this historic theatre. This will help bring to life its mission to create a place in which to entertain, educate and enrich the lives of Union County residents through quality arts & cultural activities.

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