(From Left to Right) Amber Beech, Erik Gray, Esther Sands, Joshua Sands, Leah McCoy, Michele Herbon, Kim Puckett, David Dodds, Heather Hill, Amanda Rockhold, Abigail Anderton, Michael Williamson, Nancy Thomas, Kathy Schrader, and Chase Cutarelli.  Not Pictured: Caitlin Wilson, Tori Moledor, and Sam Prestwood

We are happy to announce that our November 3-5 run of Ken Ludwig’s “The Game’s Afoot” raised $2,151.44 for Bridges Community Action Partnership (Bridges). We presented the proceeds to Kim Puckett and Heather Hill of Bridges at our cast party November 18 at The Ville Grille. We, along with Bridges, are grateful to all who came out and supported the show’s one-weekend-run, as well as the people and local companies who supported the show financially.

This contribution continues our “community giveback” philosophy, as we have raised $1,160.14 for Wings Enrichment Center, $800.00 for Lifeline Christian Missions, $1,700.00 for New Path Pregnancy Resource Center, $1,400.00 for Youth Missions, $1,231.35 for the Marysville Food Pantry, $1,116.00 for The Union County Humane Society, $1,392.00 for The Hope Center of Marysville, and $2,100.00 for The Combined Food Pantries of Union County.

We are also currently planning for their spring production of the classic Mary Rodgers and Marshall Barer Musical, “Once Upon a Mattress,” which will stage April 6-8, 2018 at Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Auditions will be held on January 11 and 15 at 6pm at Marysville Christian Church. For more information be sure to check out our auditions page. You can also call the SSP box office line at 937-553-3SSP (377) or email auditions@silversceneplayers.com.

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