Director Mike Williamson and Assistant Director Amanda Rockhold had their work cut out for them as we had some amazing talent come out to audition for Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons”.  After weighing everything out and matching people up with their castmates we happy to present you with the cast for our spring show that is set to stage April 7-9 at Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in Marysville, Ohio.

“All My Sons” Cast List

Joe Keller – Kevin Porter

Kate Keller – Molly Barker

Chris Keller –  William Schoenleb

Ann Deever – Caitlin Wilson

George Deever – Erik Gray

Jim Bayliss – David Dodds

Sue Bayliss –  Nicole Candelora-Norman

Frank Lubey – Tim Allen

Lydian Lubey – Abigail Anderton

Bert – Nathan Moledor

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