A very “Happy Halloween” to all of you from all of us at Silver Scene Players!

Our treat to you is this exciting Audio drama done by us as a way to say “thank you” for all of your support.  So sit back, relax and enjoy this adaptation of the Orson Welles radio classic “War Of The Worlds” … Marysville Style!

The Players

Announcer – Kevin Porter

Topper Collins – Sam Prestwood

Caller One – Don Warneke

Caller Two – Ashleigh Miller

Carl Phillips – Erik Gray

Richard Pierson – Pete Edwards

Guest on Topper Collins Show – Teresa Everly

Policeman – Don Warneke

Mr. Wilmuth – Herb Fisher

General Margaret Smith – Teresa Everly

Harry McDonald – Don Warneke

Captain Lansing – Ashleigh Miller

Secretary of the Interior – Herb Fisher

Artillery Officer – Ashleigh Miller

Artillery Gunner – Teresa Everly

Artillery Observer – Don Warneke

Bomber Pilot – Herb Fisher

Radio Operator One – Sam Prestwood

Radio Operator Two – Herb Fisher

Radio Operator Three – Teresa Everly

Radio Operator Four – Don Warneke

Radio Operator Five – Ashleigh Miller

Stranger in Marion – Herb Fisher

One thought on “A Halloween Audio “Treat” for you… The End Began Here!”

  1. Funny stuff! Thanks for putting this radio play together. Loved it!

    I’d like to see more comedies presented. Or, maybe a classic musical. (without extreme choreography, of course).

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