We are proud to present to you all our wonderful principal cast for “By Invitation Only”, our upcoming Valentine’s Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre event at Marysville Christian Church on February 13th, 2016.  

PENNY DARLING    –    Amber Beech

“ACES” WYLDE    –    Pete Edwards

BENNY BLANKENSHIP    –    Herb Fischer

WHISPER O’DARE    –    Michele Herbon

LOLA BORDEAUX    –    Danielle Nusbaum

RICK RIDGEWAY    –    Sam Prestwood

DIRK DIAMOND    –    Mike Williamson

Written and Directed by Nebbie Brown

The event is “by reservation only” and we have a good number of reservations already coming in.  You don’t want to get locked out so go to our current show page and get your reservation in today!

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