In case you didn’t see this on our “support” page… Silver Scene Players productions are all about giving back to the community!  All the proceeds from our productions goes directly to the local non-profit organization that we are benefitting.

The proceeds from our fall 2015 production of William Inge’s “Bus Stop” is going to the Marysville Food Pantry!  And we need your help maximizing our contributions to the food pantry.

We go into every show with absolutely no bank account whatsoever.  But did you know that it costs money to put on these productions?  There is the cost of the scripts, the licensing rights, the rental of the auditorium, the building of the sets, costumes, and program printing.

We would like for us to go into opening night of this production with a $0 balance so that we can take all ticket sales and donations go directly to the food pantry.  Our commitment is that anything over and above that we bring in will go to the food pantry!

Please consider this great cause as we bring the joy of theatre into the community and give back by supporting local non-profit organizations.  You can do so by going to our “GoFundMe Site“.

Another great way of supporting us is by buying items from our shop!

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